Spin-out portfolio

Spin-out companies are formed to act as vehicles for the further development and commercialisation of academic research. The University of Nottingham currently has 30 spin-outs in the portfolio, and has achieved significant exits from its previous portfolio.

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Case Studies


BlueSkeye AI Ltd

BlueSkeye AI Ltd recently secured £3.4 million to develop a tool that uses face and voice recognition to help recognise and predict peri and post-natal depression. Founded in 2019, BlueSkeye AI are world leaders in behavioural understanding from face and voice technology. Their mission is to improve the understanding of health and wellbeing by building objective, accessible, scalable and affordable mobile device apps.


Neurotherapeutics Ltd

Neurotherapeutics Ltd is developing a revolutionary new wearable device to help millions of people worldwide who live with Tourette syndrome and tic disorders. After completing a second round of funding in December 2022, they raised £918,000 from existing investors and groups of High Net Worth Individuals from across the world. They are now one step closer to having a commercially available wearable device, with a prototype device’s trial analysis being published later in 2023 and an app in development to support individuals in recording their tics.

SurePulse Medical Ltd

SurePulse Medical Ltd, a joint venture with the University of Nottingham and Tioga Ltd recently won a £1.4 million Innovate UK competitive grant award. They are committed to making a real difference to Neonatal Care with innovative and baby-centric solutions to unmet clinical needs.